We’re all nerds.
And proud of it.


Ester Jiménez Arroyo

Data Science Manager

Romina Batebi

Digital Marketing Manager

Aleksandra Çakmaxhi

Office & People Manager

Giacomo Deodato

Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Marta Díez Díez

Data Scientist

Nicolas Dolt

Business Development Manager, France

René Donner

Individual ML Contributor / Technical Advisor / Co-Founder

Marcell Zoltán Farkas

Chief Financial Officer

Allan Hanbury

Big Data Evangelist / Co-Founder

Johannes Hofmanninger

Machine Learning Development Lead

Markus Holzer

CEO / Co-Founder

Mia Ilic

Scientific Partnerships Manager

Per Iversen

Business Development Manager, Nordics

Magdalena Kedwani

Chief Regulatory Officer

Markus Krenn

Chief Product Officer

Bernd Krüger

Head of Customer Service and Support

Georg Langs

Chief Scientist / Co-Founder

Phileas Lebada

Senior DevOps Engineer

Antonis Makropoulos

Head of Research & Development

Veronica Mandelbaum

Operations Manager & Data Lead

René Neuherz

Frontend Developer

Luc Nicodème

Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Raphaël Nycz

Senior Application Engineer

Nilaykumar Patel

Chief Quality Officer

Matthias Perkonigg

Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Marta Pindelska

Senior Regulatory Affairs Engineer

Krishnarajan Rajendran

Senior Software Testing Engineer

Mark Rawanschad

Business Development Manager, DACH

Nikola Rogic

Regulatory and Quality Affairs Engineer

Jakob Scheithe

Integration & Interfacing Specialist

Florian Schulze

Head of Software Development

David Schüller-Reichl

Product Owner

Márton Somogyi

System Lead

Julie Sufana

Chief Marketing Officer

Paul Unkel

Business Development Manager, USA

Marcel Wassink

Chief Commercial Officer

Jörg Wesche

Senior Application Engineer

Chris Whitton

Business Development Manager - UK

Akalanka Wijesundara

Internal Accountant

Monika Wissmann

Software Developer

Michal Wlodkowski

Application Lead

Rui Zhang

Chief Medical Officer / Radiologist


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