Michal Wlodkowski
Application Lead

The secret to our success is simple: we’re smart people actually working together to create a great product.

Michal’s resume reads like code, which is good because that is what he does as Application Lead. With a firm focus on concept development, agile web development, rich graphical user experience and software prototyping, he is responsible for making our products’ UI visually-appealing and intuitive. He mostly uses the following languages and frameworks: ELM, node.js, React, React Native, Angular, Ruby on Rails, GO, Sql and noSql databases, Javascript and vvvv. Michal was born in Gdansk, Poland, raised in Düsseldorf, Germany, before moving to Vienna to study Digital Arts at the University of Applied Arts and later Ravensbourne College for Design and Communication in London. He holds an MA in Media Art and was one of the founders of 5uper.net, a research and development club for media, art and technology based in Vienna’s MuseumsQuartier, producing over 100 exhibitions and art events. Prior to joining contextflow full time, he ran TOKJU.com, a software development and prototyping company. 

Favorite meal: Bibimbap

Recommended reading: Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami

People would be surprised to learn…that I actually do like sports! 

If I wasn’t working as Application Lead, I would be…working in a research-based environment, solving riddles in challenging fields and learning a lot of new things by doing so. 

Most rewarding part of my job: Writing elegant lines of code in a functional language