Markus Holzer
CEO / Co-Founder

AI in radiology will increasingly be adopted in clinical routine, augmenting radiologists in mundane and simple tasks as well as providing them with all the relevant context to enable fast and high quality reporting.

Markus is an energetic CEO whose dedication to transparency and individual fulfillment makes him well-respected by the entire contextflow family. Born and raised in Vienna, he is passionate about the well-being of his city and its diverse population. Markus completed Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science from TU Wien. Alongside studying, he worked as a Software Engineer at x-pin GmbH developing a biometric face detection system and as a Research Associate at the Medical University of Vienna. He became heavily involved in the EU research project Khresmoi during his time at the Computational Imaging Research Lab, including software development, data collection, framework management and user tests. He co-founded contextflow along with René Donner, Georg Langs and Allan Hanbury, completing the Diploma Supplement on Innovation & Entrepreneurship from the Innovation Incubation Center (i²c) at TU Wien. He further honed his leadership skills as part of the Innovation into Business (INiTS) incubator and the Health Hub Vienna accelerator program. Nothing makes Markus happier than spreadsheets and google shortcuts.

Favorite meal: Wiener schnitzel

Recommended reading: The Big Five for Life by John Strelecky

People would be surprised to learn…that I previously traveled the world playing computer games.

If I wasn’t working as CEO, I would be…probably doing a lot of sports and meditation!

Most rewarding part of my job: Working together with great people towards making the world a better place