Phileas Lebada
Senior DevOps Engineer
AI shall become a common good which enables healthcare for everyone.

When Phileas joined contextflow, it was clear they had the “goods”: over ten years of experience in development, coding in six languages, and both engineering and management experience. One of the rare individuals to actually come from Vienna, Phileas worked at RadarServices as a Linux System Engineer and later moving to DevOps. There they collaborated with Dev and Operations teams to identify pain points, automate where possible, and streamline release workflows. At Cognita, a news media analysis company, they worked as a project lead, completely redoing the internal DevOps framework. Phileas has spent considerable free time volunteering at various industry-related organizations: Metalab, a community-driven open hackerspace;, a digital right group; and CCCamp, a self-proclaimed “outdoor nerd DIY camp/festival”.

Favorite meal: Scrambled Tofu

Recommended reading: The Art Of Community by Charles H. Vogl

People would be surprised to learn…that I didn’t go to university.

If I wasn’t working as a Senior DevOps Engineer, I would be…focused on activism and teaching people.

Most rewarding part of my job: when I make developers happy:)