Raphaël Nycz
Senior Application Engineer

AI will streamline radiology workflows, free up quality time for complex cases, and also become a wonderful learning tool for residents.

Raphaël is passionate about improving healthcare quality for both providers and patients. Perhaps that is why he has over 15 years of experience in the domain: for roughly a decade, he worked as a Senior Imaging Consultant, Integration Architect and Senior Technology Consultant for Cerner, implementing RIS/PACS solutions, ensuring interoperability with 3rd-party applications and implementing technical solutions with international teams. At Doctolib, Raphaël served as both a Technical Project Manager and Product Manager, defining his team’s roadmaps and KPIs and performing user research. All that in-depth knowledge of “making things work” is exactly what makes him a class-A Senior Application Engineer at contextflow. He holds a Masters in Biomedical Engineering from the Université de
Technologie de Compiègne. Raphaël enjoys cooking, photography and sports, particularly running.

Favorite meal: Raclette (or any melted cheese-based meal 🙂

Recommended reading: Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer

People would be surprised to learn……that I am (an) Ironman 🙂

If I wasn’t working as a Senior Application Engineer, I would be…I would probably be the chef of my own restaurant!

Most rewarding part of my job: Be surrounded by smart people pushing healthcare to the future