Alma Medical & contextflow announce distribution agreement to deliver AI tools into clinical radiology practice

Alma Medical has recently signed a collaboration agreement with Vienna-based contextflow with the aim of incorporating its innovative algorithm for the identification and interpretation of lung-specific image patterns in CT scans into the new digital health platform: Alma HEALTH PLATFORM.

This collaboration will allow hundreds of radiologists to integrate this artificial intelligence tool into their clinical workflow, increasing their productivity.

contextflow supports 19 different patterns in lung CT scans and lung nodules, including those related to COVID-19. It searches a vast database of visually similar 3D medical images and displays relevant case statistics and links to differential diagnosis literature. Moreover, it provides a quantitative and visual insight into relevant patterns and lung nodules.

Through the digital platform, radiologists will be able to report faster* and to get expert advice with a single mouse click. contextflow’s solution provides non-chest experts with relevant contextual information, which helps raise their level to that of an expert. *Results from a soon-to-be published clinical study show average reading time savings of 31% for SEARCH Lung CT only.

The joint solution of the digital platform, together with contextflow’s solution, is an excellent way to improve radiologists’ performance.

About Alma Medical:
With more than 15 years of experience in the medical imaging market, Alma Medical has a clear goal: use innovation in the service of medicine, the healthcare professional and, of course, the patient. The Alma HEALTH PLATFORM allows doctors to access medical data wherever and whenever they want, work collaboratively with other professionals and communicate with patients in a structured and customizable workflow.

Alma wants data integration and technologies such as AI to automate and improve workflows, but most of all, the company wants to create a new, more equitable relationship structure between all the players of the healthcare ecosystem and also with the patient.

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