contextflow in clinical use showcased at ECR 2023 in Vienna

contextflow was featured in a few scientific presentations at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2023 in Vienna showcasing the clinical efficacy of their ADVANCE Chest CT AI solution in lung disease diagnosis and its valuable insights for clinical decision-making.

One of the key research featured in the scientific presentation at the conference explored the relationship between lung volumetrics obtained from contextflow’s AI solution and lung function tests correlating with fibrosis progression. The combination of lung quantification values of reticulation and honeycombing, along with blood monocyte count, has been identified as a potential biomarker for predicting the progression of lung fibrosis within 12 months.

In another one, contextflow’s AI solution was shown to be effective in quantifying disease patterns in lung CT scans associated with individual mortality outcomes in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. The study revealed that lung volumetrics obtained from the AI solution were able to predict the outcomes of fibrotic patients. Both research showed the potential of contextflow’s AI solution as a valuable tool for predicting disease progression in patients with fibrotic lung diseases.

contextflow presented research comparing AI measures of emphysema with Hounsfield Unit (HU) emphysema measures. The study demonstrated that the AI solution provided accurate and reliable measures of emphysema, offering a promising alternative to traditional HU-based measurements.

Moreover, contextflow’s AI solution was found to be a valuable tool in predicting complications after CT-guided needle biopsy in the lungs, as presented by the team from Mainz in a study titled “Pre-interventional AI-supported Automated Lung Parenchyma Quantification Predicts Post-interventional Complications in CT-guided Lung Biopsies”. The study showed that lung volumetrics obtained from the AI solution could help identify patients at risk of post-interventional complications, allowing for better patient management and improved outcomes.

Finally, the team from Jönköping delivered a poster presentation on the use of contextflow’s ADVANCE Chest CT in clinical settings.The findings from the three-month follow-up indicate that the AI solution has the potential to significantly reduce reading times, with a reduction of 17% and 26% observed for emergency/in-house and elective exams respectively. The solution was in use for a relatively short time at the hospital, but it indicated the potential of the AI solution to streamline workflow and improve efficiency in clinical practice.

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