Out with the old, ADVANCEing towards the new! Announcing our new product name: contextflow ADVANCE Chest CT!

Why? As our capabilities have grown, we recognize that SEARCH Lung CT no longer properly encompasses the wide range of features we now offer. What started as a 3D search engine for medical images now comprises a comprehensive computer-aided detection software for the entire chest, including quantitative information for suspected ILD, COPD and lung cancer cases. ADVANCE also reflects our constant push forward towards transparent, integrated AI for radiologists. 

What? contextflow ADVANCE Chest CT officially replaces the name SEARCH Lung CT. No worries – You can still access SEARCH as part of ADVANCE; only now you also get nodule detection, nodule tracking and lung tissue analysis all-in-one! And all integrated directly into your PACS, of course;)

When? Name changes take time, so we’re currently working on updating our website and materials to reflect this update.   

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