Softway Medical Group partners with contextflow to bring comprehensive AI support for lung pathologies to France

October 6, 2022 – With this partnership announced in advance of JFR 2022, Softway Medical – the French leader in health information systems – augments its offer for medical imaging professionals. 

By making contextflow SEARCH Lung CT accessible from its applications, Softway Medical Group is now in a position to offer its clients a complete clinical decision support solution for interstitial lung diseases (ILD), COPD and lung cancer. This is the first time that such a solution will be offered to medical imaging professionals in France. 

For users, the benefits are significant. In a recent clinical study at the Medical University of Vienna, average report reading time decreased by 31% when an earlier version of contextflow SEARCH Lung CT was present for use.*

contextflow SEARCH Lung CT, a comprehensive solution integrated directly into the radiologist’s workflow

contextflow SEARCH Lung CT is now available on Softway Medical’s SYNAPSE PACS and will soon be fully integrated into the easIA platform. The results of the analyses of this new AI algorithm will be available to the radiologist directly in the worklist of the RIS ONE MANAGER and VENUS.

This is a pragmatic response to the challenges faced by radiologists seeking to increase their productivity and the relevance of their diagnoses for the benefit of patients. “We are very pleased with this partnership with contextflow, an inspiring company with whom we share a common vision of health information systems that should serve professionals without replacing them. Our teams are working hand in hand to integrate the solution with our applications,” says Jean-Baptiste Franceschini, Marketing and Communication Director of Softway Medical Group.

The easIA platform was designed to organize, secure and centralize exchanges between the RIS and partner AI engines.

Interested parties can meet contextflow at JFR 2022 at the innovation station at Softway Medical’s stand 1N07.

*Recent clinical study conducted at the Medical University of Vienna: researchers observed an average time saving of 31% in reading studies when using

earlier version of SEARCH Lung CT.

About Softway Medical

Committed to providing healthcare professionals with the best digital solutions, SOFTWAY MEDICAL, the French leader in healthcare software, continues to innovate in order to contribute to making France one of the standard bearers of e-health. As a host and integrator of solutions for healthcare professionals for over 25 years, SOFTWAY MEDICAL’s mission is to enable

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