Clinical Value from Big Medical Data

We were honored to be invited to this years European Big Data Value Forum in Versailles for the healthcare workshop, where we presented the challenges of using anonymized big medical data to create value to physicians, especially radiologists. OECD data shows that there are more than a billion CT and MRI scans stored in data silos across Europe, increasing faster than the rate of new Radiologists educated. The uniqueness of the data being partly unstructured, noisy, biased and incomplete, plus describing complex diseases, make it especially difficult to develop machine learning based solutions for the support of radiologists.

We presented how we learn from the clinical data available and create value for radiologists with our image search based technology, as well as what will be possible once image/report data is connected with additional clinical information. AI technology will be imminent to identify structures in increasingly complex big medical data and support radiologists to provide high quality reporting despite the continually increase in workload!