Signify Research’s take on contextflow’s partnership with RevealDx

Signify Research is widely-respected in our industry for its in-depth analyses of current market trends. That’s why we’re honored to have been featured in the article titled “contextflow Reveals Its Hand“, discussing the why behind our recent partnership announcment with RevealDx.

RevealDx developed RevealAIöLung, the world’s first CADx software for the characterization of lung nodules to receive the CE Mark. The company recently completed its pivotal clinical trial which demonstrated significant improvement in both early detection of malignant nodules and reduction in false positive nodules in both screening and incidental cohorts. By integrating this patented technology into clinical routine, healthcare providers can reduce unnecessary procedures, cost and stress for patients with lung nodules.

Signify Research’s take? “contextflow’s SEARCH solution remains unique in the market today. No other vendor offers a similar value proposition. Further, a study published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology highlighted Reveal DX’s ability to help clinicians diagnose lung cancer sooner with improved specificity. By bringing these capabilities together, both vendors have created a comprehensive lung cancer solution for CT imaging that can, on paper, outcompete most of its competitors.”  

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