contextflow launches a new version of SEARCH Lung CT

Thanks to radiologists’ feedback, the latest version of SEARCH Lung CT now includes 3 new developments: 1) consolidation pattern is included as part of the quantitative image analysis results in the Insights Screen; 2) disease patterns can be shown color-coded in your viewer using DICOM secondary capture, 3) nodule detection results can be provided as a TID1500-compliant DICOM SR object.

1) The Insights Screen now provides lung coverage values and distribution maps for 7 image patterns + visualization and measurements of detected lung nodules (top center above). The image patterns include: consolidation, effusion, emphysema, ground-glass opacity, honeycombing, pneumothorax, and reticular pattern.

2) These same 7 image patterns can be seen color-coded in your viewer using DICOM secondary capture…no need to click outof your viewer! (see below)

3) SEARCH Lung CT also provides nodule detection results in form of a DICOM Enhanced Structured Report object that follows DICOM Structured Reporting template TID1500.

The DICOM SR object lists all detected pulmonary nodules and provides the following information for those: location reference, long-axis diameter, short-axis diameter, average diameter, and volume.

The object is intended to be sent to and parsed by structured reporting systems or PACS for seamless integration of nodule detection results into the radiologists’ reporting workflow. If supported by your PACS, this feature allows you to accept/reject contextflow’s nodule results within your viewer.

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