Life Sciences Investment Day

The 1st ever Vienna Life Sciences Investment Day aims to bring together startups and venture capital funds for the purpose of fueling investment in healthtech. CEO Markus Holzer was on hand to pitch, answering questions from the select audience. Fingers crossed this becomes a regular event!

contextflow Goes to Portugal

Teambuilding to the extreme: the contextflow family hit the beach in Portugal for some surfing, relaxing and, yes, working. The team that cooks dinner together, stays together!

APEX Ventures Digital Health Fund

One of our early investors, APEX Ventures, has launched a new Digital Health Fund in Vienna! To kick off awareness, an investor evening was held, and our CMO Julie Sufana was there to pitch to the select group as an example of one of APEX’ innovative portfolio members. Thanks for the invite!

Fresh Capital for contextflow

In addition to our existing investors (IST Cube & APEX Ventures), we recently took on two new international VCs: Nina Capital from Barcelona and Crista Galli Ventures from London. The funds will be used to complete our proof of concepts and CE certification. Read more here.

EBDVF Helsinki

Co-Founder and TU Professor of Data Intelligence Allan Hanbury is headed to Helsinki to present at the European Big Data Value Forum. Learn more about the organization here.

AIDA Linköping

Analytic Imaging Diagnostic Arena (AIDA) is a Swedish cross-disciplinary collaboration whose aim is to bring useful AI to healthcare on a large scale. Thanks to our partners at Sectra, we were invited to Linköping to present our technology there to key opinion leaders interested in improving the radiology information search process.