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Deep learning-based differential diagnosis tools to save time while increasing confidence & improving reporting quality


Facing increasing workloads, radiologists must choose between longer working hours or decreased time spent evaluating images. This problem is compounded by the global radiologist shortage. Making matters even worse, new treatments require more complex diagnosis: about 20% of cases call for additional research from many sources, requiring up to 20 minutes each with a questionable rate of success. All these factors lead to delays, missed findings, inconsistent reporting quality and high overtime expenses.


Our 3D image-based search engine provides radiologists everything they need to solve difficult cases within seconds, reducing the time to search and overtime expense while improving reporting quality and confidence. Our prioritization tool automatically informs doctors which patients are known to have disease patterns present, thereby improving workflow efficiency even further.


We currently have integrations with the following PACS: Agfa, Medigration, Philips, Sectra

Proof of Concept

contextflow is currently in its proof of concept phase, testing its software with 10+ international partner hospitals and clinics.


Additional information coming soon.