Wiener Zeitung Part 2

Does Austria need more funding for Biotech and Healthtech startups? How do innovative companies secure investment here? This Wiener Zeitung article featuring contextflow explores these questions and more.

Wiener Zeitung Part 1

We’re continuing to get the word out about contextflow SEARCH. This time, it’s the Wiener Zeitung which honored us with this extensive interview highlighting our mission to revolutionize radiology workflows with the power of deep learning. Full article here.

Banking on Brussels

After several attempts at applying for the EIC Accelerator, an European Commission grant and investment program for innovative startups, we were honored with the opportunity to present to the jury in Brussels! Fingers crossed! (L to R: CEO Markus Holzer, CMO Julie Sufana, Co-Founder Allan Hanbury)

Plug & Play Silicon Valley

CMO Julie Sufana was at it again, this time pitching at Plug & Play Tech Center’s Fall Healthtech Pitch Day. Despite technical difficulties, the presentation went off smoothly, and the Q&A allowed us to reinforce the need for improved radiology workflows to the investor crowd.

Stanford Radiology

Thanks to our network of healthcare professionals, we secured a meeting with the radiology department at Stanford University to present contextflow SEARCH, our 3D image-based search engine for radiologists.

Falling Walls 2019

Falling Walls Venture. Berlin, 08.11.2019. Copyright: Florian Gaertner/

In commemoration of the falling of the Berlin Wall, the Falling Walls conference brings together global innovators to present the latest tech to a crowd of science enthusiasts and investors. CMO Julie Sufana pitched our tech on a very special occasion: the 30th anniversary of the reunification of Berlin. Thanks to our friends at TU Wien for nominating us!