Radiologische Bildsuche mit Deep Learning

Die contextflow Bildsuchtechnologie verwendet die neusten Methoden des maschinellen Lernens um Millionen von medizinischen Bildern, Befunde und Referenzliteratur zu analysieren. Durch das einfache markieren einer Region in einem medizinischen Bild, findet der Algorithmus sofort visuell ähnliche Fälle sowie passende Referenzfälle und fallrelevantes Wissen. Unser Ziel ist es den RadiologenInnen auf einfachem Wege relevante Informationen zur Verfügung zu stellen, damit sich diese auch in Zukunft auf die Befundung der Patienten konzentrieren können!


Wall of side by side body medical scan results

For Technology Partners

The contextflow search system is a next generation visual search technology based on deep learning, that improves reporting speed and diagnostic quality. Through the integration of our technology, the information learned from millions of images and reports is placed at the fingertips of the radiologists. As part of their workflow, the system provides relevant reference cases and information about differential diagnosis to serve as the basis for their evidence based decisions.

doctor examining brain scan

For Radiologists

Simply select a region in the image, and, within an instant, you get relevant reference cases and information about associated differential diagnosis to support your decisions. Instead of spending time on frustrating search through multiple web sources, books and literature to find the information you need. Sign up below for more information!


Clinical Value from Big Medical Data

We were honored to be invited to the healthcare workshop at this year’s European Big Data Value Forum in Versailles, where we presented the challenges of using anonymized big medical data to create value to physicians, especially radiologists. OECD data shows that there are more than one billion CT and MRI scans stored in data silos […]


Awards 2016

Last year we were honored by receiving several awards for our ongoing ambitions. These include e.g. the Science & Business Award of the Rudolf Sallinger Fond 2016 and the Most Promising Startup award from the bcs Search Industry. We want to say a big thank you to all our supporters!


ECR 2017 Summary

This year’s ECR was our first time with our own booth, and we were positively surprised by the number of interesting people that stopped by to have a look at our demo! It was great to discuss about what is behind the popular buzzwords like deep learning and AI, especially in the medical domain, and how this technology […]



Rudolf Sallinger
Fond Science & Business Award 2016

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