Radiology Image Search powered by Deep Learning

Facing increasing workloads, radiologists must choose between longer working hours or decreased time spent evaluating images. About 20% of cases require additional research from many sources, requiring up to 20 minutes with a questionable rate of success.

contextflow’s image search engine uses deep learning to put the knowledge encoded in millions of medical images and reports at your fingertips, saving radiologists time and money. Simply mark a region of interest in an image, and our search engine instantly returns reference cases and associated knowledge. No more paging through books, guessing the right keyword or consulting various text-based reference search engines. Case relevant information is now only a few clicks away!

contextflow’s patent-pending 3D image-based information search solution can be extended to additional pathologies and organs. We enable clinics to share information across institutional borders and benefit from a collaborative growing knowledge base, generating clinical value from existing data.   


doctor examining brain scan

For Radiologists

Simply select a region in the image, and, within an instant, you get relevant reference cases and information about associated differential diagnosis to support your decisions. Instead of spending time on frustrating search through multiple web sources, books and literature to find the information you need. Sign up below for more information!

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For Technology Partners

Unlocking the potential of large medical image data The contextflow search system is a next-generation visual search technology based on deep learning that improves reporting speed and diagnostic quality. Through the integration of our technology, the information collected from millions of images and reports is placed at the fingertips of the radiologists as part of […]


ÖRG 2018

ÖRG is just one week away! Co-Founder Georg Lang will take the stage to discuss Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Chancen für die Zukunft on Friday, October 5th at 16:25. Hope to see you there!


RSNA 2018: Chicago, here we come!

Once more, we will be exhibiting at RSNA Chicago from November 25-30, 2018. You will find us in the increasingly popular machine learning section. We look forward to developing new partnerships with you!


contextflow CEO Markus Holzer in Die Presse

Our very own CEO Markus Holzer sat down with Die Presse to discuss the future of AI in medicine. Read the full article here.



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