Radiology Image Search powered by Deep Learning

The contextflow image search engine uses deep learning to put the knowledge encoded in millions of medical images and reports at your fingertips. Simply mark a region of interest in an image and within an instant, our search engine returns reference cases and associated knowledge. No more paging through books or guessing the right keyword. Case relevant information has always been there, but now it is only one click away!


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For Radiologists

Simply select a region in the image, and, within an instant, you get relevant reference cases and information about associated differential diagnosis to support your decisions. Instead of spending time on frustrating search through multiple web sources, books and literature to find the information you need. Sign up below for more information!

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For Technology Partners

Unlocking the potential of large medical image data the contextflow search system is a next generation visual search technology based on deep learning, that improves reporting speed and diagnostic quality. Through the integration of our technology, the information learned from millions of images and reports is placed at the fingertips of the radiologists. As part […]



ECR 2017 Summary

This year at ECR it was our first time with our own booth and we were positively surprised by the number of interesting people that stopped by to have a look at our demo! It was great to discuss about what is behind the currently popular buzzwords of deep learning and AI especially in the medical domain, […]

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ECR 2017

We are excited that for the first time at this year’s ECR, we will not only visit, but also present our technology at our Booth G/18 in the first floor of the Expo Gallery! After our trip to Chicago this is a home-play for us in our beautiful city of Vienna. If you are at […]

contextflow RSNA

RSNA 2016

Our booth setup at the world’s largest radiology conference, the RSNA in Chicago, and what an amazing experience it was! We got the chance to meet with potential partners and customers, from radiologists to other startups to big corporates, and had very interesting conversations on the status and future of machine learning in radiology. Exciting […]



Rudolf Sallinger
Fond Science & Business Award 2016

Most Innovative Digital Solution Austria 2017

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