Monika Wissmann
Software Developer

The combination of AI and human intuition will be able to solve puzzles whose solution seems like a miracle from today’s perspective.

Monika Wissmann likes to stay busy: she earned two Bachelors in Medical Informatics and Biology, and is currently completing her second Masters in Software Engineering & Internet Computing (her first is in Wildlife Ecology & Management). Talk about a Renaissance woman! Her academic work includes an « Exploration of Interactive Visualization in the Elm Architecture » and « Spatial-Data-DrivenLayouting for Brain Network Visualization ». Monika has worked as a developer for several companies, developing widgets as web components, prototyping, creating 2/3D visualizations, and researching how to combine neuroscience with graph drawing and algorithmic geometry.

Favorite meal: I enjoy eating many dishes, but I look forward to dessert the most.

Recommended reading: Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

People would be surprised to learn…that I won all three of the tae kwon do tournaments that I took part in by being unpredictably slow.

If I wasn’t working as a Software Developer, I would be… onducting research in different ecological systems to contribute to their protection.

Most rewarding part of my job: Learning from awesome people while creating software that is actually useful