Frida Hauler
Product Manager

Using AI, we can automate repetitive, error-prone tasks. By utilizing big data-based pattern recognition and classification, we can also enable radiologists to reach a specific diagnosis and treatment plan faster.

Being a Product Manager is a complex position requiring input and collaboration across departments, so it’s perfect fit for a detail-oriented person like Frida. Originally from Romania, Frida studied Mathematical Physics and Computer Science at the Transylvania University of Brasov, Biomedical Engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and Medical Physics at the Medical University of Vienna, where she coincidentally came to know our Co-Founder & Chief Scientist Georg Langs. Frida holds a lot of experience in the healthcare domain, having worked at Innomed develping GUIs for an xray PACS; at the Medical University of Vienna as a early state researcher in medical imaging; as a project engineer at Mirada Medical; as a portfolio manager at Brainlab; and most recently as a program manager for Ablacon GmbH. Some of her research includes a paper on « Automatic quantification of multi-modal rigid registration accuracy using feature detectors » and optoacoustic microscopy image processing for clinical applications.

Favorite meal: I don’t have one, but never could refuse anything with good, fair-trade chocolate. 😉

Recommended reading: Designing your life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

People would be surprised to learn…that I used to work as video editor, camera woman and radio technician at the Budapest Technical University TV studio.

If I wasn’t working as a Product Manager, I would be…a researcher again (with intermittent breaks for climbing, mountain biking and traveling).

Most rewarding part of my job: Belonging to an empowered team; sharing a common, purposeful vision; challenging the status-quo by doing the right things in the right way.