contextflow & Neologica partner to bring comprehensive chest CT support to radiologists

Vienna, Austria (June 5, 2024) – Neologica, the long-running developer of advanced medical imaging software solutions, and contextflow announce a commercial partnership to bring contextflow’s ADVANCE Chest CT solution to Neologica’s radiology base. 

Under the partnership, contextflow’s innovative computer-aided detection support for chest CT will be integrated into Neologica’s LogiPACS. Founded in 2002, Neologica develops a range of products, including a PACS server, DICOM viewer and online patient portal. All of the company’s products are developed in-house for maximum interoperability. By partnering with contextflow, Neologica can offer its users a powerful tool to detect lung cancer, ILD patterns and COPD on chest CT.

contextflow’s core technology is ADVANCE Chest CT, an AI-based medical device software that detects, visualizes and quantifies nodules and lung disease patterns to improve the speed and quality of radiology reporting with consistent, objective information. Its upcoming malignancy scoring feature has been shown to not only detect lung cancer sooner but also to reduce both false positives and false negatives (*Adams, Scott J et al., JACR September 2022). 

As Marco Sambin, CEO at Neologica explains, “It’s undeniable that the PACS market is expressing a strong demand for diagnostic decision support solutions through AI. Neologica’s partnership with contextflow is a response to this request within the realm of chest CT imaging. ADVANCE Chest CT is an extremely advanced (CE MDR certified) product for the detection of lung nodules and other lung pathologies. Users of our LogiPACS and RemotEye Viewer will have access to an AI-enhanced workflow with seamless integration into our software modules.”

In addition to increased access to clinical decision support for chest CT, the partnership aims to reduce false positives and patient stress in relation to lung cancer detection via malignancy scoring. Malignancy scoring is a newly released feature that enables a radiologist to compare suspicious nodules to thousands of others with known outcomes in order to indicate the probability that a given  nodule is malignant or benign. As contextflow Chief Commercial Officer Marcel Wassink puts it, “Malignancy scoring has been validated in a clinical study to reduce false positive nodule detection by 18% while detecting lung cancer up to one year earlier. We hope this level of certainty helps avoid patient anxiety and reduce unnecessary costs and work for radiologists.”

About contextflow 

contextflow is a spin-off of the Medical University of Vienna (MUW) and European research project KHRESMOI, supported by the Technical University of Vienna (TU). Founded by a team of AI and engineering experts in July 2016, the company has a strong interest in bringing state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to the market e.g. improved emphysema detection and lung segmentation. Its computer-aided detection software ADVANCE Chest CT is CE Marked and available for clinical use within Europe under the new MDR.

About Neologica

Neologica is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485-certified company designing and developing advanced software solutions in the medical imaging field.

With more than 20 years of history and experience, and developing the initial goal of specializing in the DICOM field, today Neologica has a complete range of DICOM-compliant software products in the medical imaging field. This range is composed of software modules that the company has designed and developed in-house from the ground up, covering everything from visualization to archiving, from printing to data exchange. Today, Neologica continues to innovate with original ideas and a strong focus on the quality of its products.

With 5000+ installations across 40+ countries and 5 continents, along with a record of highly satisfied customers, Neologica is now a recognized actor in the medical imaging domain.

The professionalism and skills of its human resources are fundamental values for Neologica; exceeding customers’ expectations with its products is the company’s main objective.

For more information, contact: 

Julie Sufana, Chief Marketing Officer, contextflow, email: 

Phone: +43 6769201032 

Marco Sambin, Chief Executive Officer, Neologica, email:

Phone: +39 019 505314 

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