contextflow to bolster ADVANCE Chest CT with incidental pulmonary embolism (IPE)

The inclusion of IPE will help strengthen the company’s offerings as a market leader in comprehensive computer-aided detection support for chest CT

28.2.23 Vienna, Austria – The Vienna-based chest experts at contextflow are announcing a new feature at this year’s European Congress of Radiology: incidental pulmonary embolism detection. According to Chief Product Officer Markus Krenn, “Radiologists requested the IPE feature because of the critical nature of pulmonary embolism. By fulfilling their request, we continue to build trust and help patients in the process.”

contextflow offers comprehensive computer-aided detection software for chest CT to support the diagnosis and treatment monitoring of lung cancer, ILD and COPD. IPE will be added to the company’s core product, ADVANCE Chest CT, which automatically detects, quantifies and visualizes 8 disease patterns including lung nodules, displaying relevant information directly in the radiologist’s PACS viewer. In addition, contextflow’s TIMELINE feature quickly and objectively tracks changes in lung nodules over time, currently a very difficult and time-consuming task for radiologists.

Incidental pulmonary embolism occurs when a patient is being scanned for reasons other than PE. Thus, there is a risk to the patient if there is any delay in reporting. The rates of missed IPE are relatively high, and it appears that more and more radiology departments are looking into tools to reduce these figures.

With this new feature, contextflow aims to increase the speed of care for patients with IPE and ensure radiologists get the comprehensive support for the assessment of chest CTs they need. Again Chief Product Officer Markus Krenn, “We work very closely with a group of practicing radiologists who provide us with a constant feedback loop. We take their requests very seriously, and will continue to add new features in the future accordingly.”

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