Matthias Perkonigg
Senior Machine Learning Researcher

The hype will die down, but machine learning will be a growing part of radiology to handle radiologists’ increasing workload.

Matthias Perkonigg came to us straight from one of our most beloved resources: the Computational Imaging Research Center at the Medical University of Vienna, where Co-Founder & Chief Scientist Georg Langs is the director. As a Research Associate for the Department of Biomedical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy, he has co-authored several peer-reviewed journal and conference publications with fellow contextflow team members and advisors on topics such as “Machine Learning in Radiology: Terminology from Individual Timepoint to Trajectory” in Der Radiologe and “Continual Active Learning for Efficient Adaptation of Machine Learning Models to Changing Image Acquisition” in Information Processing in Medical Imaging. Matthias earned a MSc in Medical Informatics from TU Wien, and is working on his PhD in Medical Imaging at the Medical University of Vienna.

Favorite meal: Don’t really have one

Recommended reading: Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

People would be surprised to learn…that I do ultra running up to 100km in a day.

If I wasn’t working as Senior Machine Learning Researcher, I would be…running up and down mountains.  

Most rewarding part of my job: Learning new things while building something useful