Apoorva Sikka
Machine Learning Researcher

With increasing workloads, radiology will turn to AI as a trusted assistant to speed up the diagnostic process.

A lover of math and biology, Apoorva had always imagined she would end up working in academia, and earnestly went after her goal, earning both her Masters and PhD in Computer Science from the Malviya National Institute of Technology (Jaipur) and Indian Institute of Technology (Ropar) respectively. However, her years of research motivated her to want to make a lasting impact in a faster, more global sense. After working in the Clinical Affective Neuroimaging Laboratory (CANLAB) and publishing papers involving medical imaging segmentation and classification, Apoorva came to contextflow as a Machine Learning Researcher intent on keeping up to date with the latest methodologies that can be of use to our software. She loves to travel whenever possible and hopes to join the team in Vienna as soon as possible!

Favorite meal: Indian Chaat
Recommended reading: Siddhartha by Herman Hesse
People would be surprised to learn…that I like to dance!
If I wasn’t working as a Machine Learning Researcher, I would be…traveling or learning about weight training.
Most rewarding part of my job: Solving problems to develop products which will be actually used and working together with interesting people