Veronica Mandelbaum
Operations Manager & Data Lead

AI will continue giving professionals more and more visibility on their patients’ conditions and needs, enabling a more accurate and proactive approach.

Veronica is one of those people some may call “a global citizen”. Half-Argentinian, half-Italian, she speaks four languages and is now learning German as her 5th! Veronica earned her Bachelors in Communication, Arts & Design at the Florida Day School and her Masters in Anthropological Science at the Universidad de Buenos Aires in Argentina. She began her career initially as a Researcher and Consultant at FOVISEE (a housing, sustainability and energy forum) before moving on to an Assistant Professor of visual anthropology at Buenos Aires University. Taking her knowledge of digital arts and human behavior, she made the switch to project management in 2015, leading agile/scrum teams in both the software and design industries. Her work leading and mentoring multidisciplinary teams makes her perfectly suited for our Operations Manager & Data Lead. Veronica would be vegetarian if sushi just didn’t taste so darn good!

Favorite meal: Sushi, obviously!

Recommended reading: The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

People would be surprised to learn…that I wanted to be an astronaut and that I dream of visiting another planet someday.

If I wasn’t working as an Operations Manager & Data Lead, I would be…doing other things but still working as a project manager, just like I do now:)

Most rewarding part of my job: Applying creative thinking, improving workflows, learning from others and having fun