David Schüller-Reichl
Product Owner

AI in radiology will be a digital doctor which works alongside human doctors. Together they will be a new type of diversified team which produces better outcomes.

David came to contextflow with validated experience as a Product Owner in the medical device field from another (very successful) Viennese company, mySugr. His position there included tasks such as establishing an implementation strategy to maximize customer value, ensuring feature and product validation with techniques like user studies and expert interviews, and maintaining product management processes based on regulatory needs. David studied Business Informatics at the Technical University of Vienna, earning both his Bachelor and Masters degrees there, while also working as a Technical Consultant / Software Developer in the banking industry and later on as a Project Manager for an augmented reality company.

David loves a game of ultimate frisbee or a round of mini-golf. He’s also a fan of hiking, LEGOs and most importantly, spending time being silly as a dad.

Favorite meal: Berliner Döner is my weakness

Recommended reading: Inspired – How to Create Tech Products Customers Love by Marty Cagan

People would be surprised to learn…I used to play ultimate frisbee quite extensively and we (the team I played with) won the Austrian Ultimate Frisbee championship.

If I wasn’t working as Product Owner, I would be…

Most rewarding part of my job: Being part of turning an idea or thoughts into a product