For Radiologists

The Problem
Facing increasing workloads, radiologists must choose between longer working hours or decreased time spent evaluating images. This problem is exacerbated by the global radiologist shortage. Complicating matters even further, new treatments require more complex diagnoses, so much so that doctors often spend up to 20 minutes on each case with a questionable rate of success.

The Solution
That’s why we developed a 3D image-based search engine for radiologists…to help you diagnose difficult cases, fast. Simply mark a region of interest, and we immediately display reference cases based on visual disease pattern detection. Each result is a full volume, so you can scroll through or change the contrast/brightness. You can even restrict results to age ranges, gender or certain pathological findings mentioned in the reports via text search.

Case-Relevant Information at your Fingertips
A heatmap shows the distribution of the pattern highlighted within the same volume, giving you the chance to spot whether or not similar patterns occur in other areas of your patient. We also show this distribution for the reference cases, giving you the chance to compare. Lastly, we
link you to relevant medical literature (e.g. Radiopedia, Thieme, etc.), literally putting everything a radiologist needs to diagnose a difficult case in one place…within seconds.

Workflow Triaging
For each incoming case, we indicate whether that case has potential findings, allowing a reordering of your worklist. These few features aim to further reduce the time needed to reach diagnosis and allowing you to better prioritize patient case.