For Radiologists

Providing case relevant information
The contextflow search engine uses deep learning methods to support you in your daily workflow. Simply select a region in the image and, within an instant, get visually similar reference cases and information about associated differential diagnosis to support your decisions. Instead of spending time on frustrating search through multiple web sources, books and literature, let the contextflow search engine put relevant information at your fingertips in the blink of an eye.

Just mark interesting regions in the image & get similar cases
We enable you to immediately look at relevant regions in other cases, compare them and get the case-associated pathology in seconds. And yes, it is 3D and each result is a full volume you can scroll through, or change contrast/brightness. You can restrict results to age ranges, gender or certain pathological findings mentioned in the reports via text search.

Summary of the case descriptions
We provide a summary of clinical findings from connected reports to give you quick indication of what was described in cases with the same visual pattern as marked in your image.

Distribution of pattern in your case and similar cases
Another requested feature is showing the distribution of the marked pattern within the same volume. Giving you the chance to spot whether or not similar patterns occur in other areas of your patient. We also show this distribution for any of the result cases whenever you select one of them, giving you the chance to compare the distribution of the pattern in these cases.

Reference cases, articles and publications
Based on the selected region of interest our system is able to provide links to relevant reference cases from your favorite reference database (e.g. Radiopedia, EuroRad, RadiologyAssistent, …), having them only one click away.