About Us

We are a team with a long successful scientific history (>250 peer reviewed publications) of developing machine learning technology for large medical image data. Motivated by bringing state of the art research into clinical use, having an impact on providing better and more efficient care to patients, we shifted focus on business development in the last two years. Working closely together with our supporting Radiologists we now have our latest deep learning based technology ready to support them in their daily routine. We are very thankful for the individuals & institutes supporting us with their knowledge and experience from very different domains, and are very excited for what’s to come in the next months… !

Markus Holzer - Business Development & Sales - CEOMarkus Holzer – Business Development & Sales – LinkedIN – CEO

Rene Donner - Machine Learning & EngineeringRene Donner – Machine Learning & Engineering

Markus Krenn - Data, Content & CertificationMarkus Krenn – Data, Content & Certification – LinkedIN

Allan Hanbury - Technology Evangelist & FinancingAllan Hanbury – Technology Evangelist & Financing – LinkedIN

Georg Langs - Science & PartnersGeorg Langs – Science & Partners – LinkedIN

Join our team in Vienna – world’s most livable city! We as a small and very effective team are looking for like-minded people, that are keen on using their unique skills to complement our current setup, from development to sales!
Contact us at office(@)contextflow.com